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A simple unit test framework for compact framework applications based on nunit
Roaster is quite easy to deploy and use during the development cycle, you just deploy roaster on your emulator or device and setup your unit test assembly as start up project, giving roaster client runner as the program to run and you'll be working just as you do with nunit client

Hi there guys, are you a poor compact framework developer always missing the pro features in the "big" framework we've got used to have?, yep! that was my situation before I put together some pieces to create roaster.
With roaster you are going to see the same improvement in your productivity and quality you saw when you started to implement unit tests in your standard apps. For me and my team is being a big improvement in how we develop for the compact framework.

How do I start using this thing without spending more than 1 minute?
Ok, so you don't want to spend time on promises and want to get hands on job, check out the pdf file attached with the main release. It contains a quick setup guide to get started using roaster.


I leave you right here some screenshoots of roaster in action:

roaster1.jpg roaster2.jpg roaster3.jpg

Current release targets compact framework 2.0, but there are no known problems when recompiling targeting 1.1 or even 3.5.

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